Newspaper seeks ‘Best of the ‘boat’ |

Newspaper seeks ‘Best of the ‘boat’

— Everyone in Colorado ski country knows Steamboat Springs has the best snow in North America, even if they don’t want to admit it. And it’s widely held that if your child dreams of growing up to become a winter Olympian, this is the best ski town in America.

However, information about Steamboat that doesn’t fall into the category of “common knowledge” includes the best bowler in Ski Town U.S.A., the purveyor of the best French fries in town, the best male flirt in the ‘boat and the best excuse for being late to work on a powder morning.

The Pilot & Today wants to shed light on all of those mysteries and more. The newspaper is seeking the help of its readers in providing definitive choices in 172 categories that, when taken collectively, encompass the “Best of the ‘boat.”

For example, what’s the consensus on the best golf hole in Steamboat? Is there a best hiking trail for wildflower viewing? Who serves up the best bargain lunch in Steamboat and what restaurant deserves the locals’ choice as the best fine dining experience?

“We want to recognize Steamboat’s best and we want our readers to make the choices,” Pilot & Today Editor Scott Stanford said. “We also want to recognize the people in our community who are the best at what they do. In essence, these are the people’s choice awards for Steamboat Springs.”

The ballots for “Best of the ‘boat” can be found on Page 11A of today’s Pilot & Today. The ballot will appear again in Wednesday’s edition and the Sept. 16 edition.

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The rules are simple. Only ballots cut from the newspaper will be accepted. No photocopied ballots will be accepted. Individuals are allowed to enter one and only one ballot. Duplicate ballots will be discarded.

Participants do not have to fill out the entire ballot. They can vote on one item, 172 items or any number in between. The newspaper understands some people won’t feel knowledgeable about the best second-hand store in Steamboat, or the best ski tuner in town.

Ballots must be received at the Pilot & Today office no later than 5 p.m., Sept. 21. They can be dropped off or mailed to “Best of the ‘boat,” Post Office Box 774827, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477. The winners will be announced in the Sunday, Oct. 14 edition of the Pilot & Today.

The ballot is divided into six broad categories:

Business and Shopping (best automotive repair shop, best convenience store, best sporting goods store, etc.).

Recreation (best place to camp, best mountain bike trail, best fly pattern for catching trout, best skateboarding site).

Skiing (best shredder, best ski bum job, best apres ski).

Food and Drink (best brunch, best food service, best cup of coffee, best Italian food, etc.).

People (best accountant, best boss, best carpenter, best divorce attorney, best radio personality, best Realtor and best storyteller among many others).

And Odds and Ends (Best-dressed male and female, best public art work, best thing to whine about, best cold remedy and best ski town pick-up line).

“We want our readers to have fun with the poll, but we also expect them to give their choices careful consideration,” Stanford said.

“It’s our hope that winning a ‘Best of the ‘boat’ will become an honor that carries some prestige in the community.”

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