News in brief for March 17 |

News in brief for March 17

Skiers set off avalanche; neither are injured

Two skiers reportedly triggered an avalanche Monday afternoon but were able to dig themselves out.

The Routt County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call from the Grand County Sheriff’s Office, reporting an avalanche on Baker Peak, south of the east summit of Muddy Pass, Routt County sheriff’s Lt. Richard Wood said.

A caller had reported seeing the avalanche and saw two pairs of ski tracks disappearing into the avalanche; a car was parked nearby. When a sheriff’s deputy went to investigate, the two skiers were returning to their vehicle.

The skiers told the deputy that one of them had triggered the avalanche and was buried up to his waist in snow, Wood said. The two skiers suffered no injuries.

Steamboat man arrested after attempted break-in

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A man was arrested on suspicion of attempted burglary after the owners of a Ski Time Square condominium reported that he tried to crawl into their teenage sons’ bedroom window.

The Steamboat Springs Police Department arrested James Dean, a 27-year-old Steamboat man, on suspicion of attempted second-degree burglary Tuesday morning.

Police Sgt. Joel Rae said a report was made that a man tried to crawl through the window and into the bedroom where two teenage boys were sleeping in Ski Time Square Condominiums.

One of the boys left to get his parents and by the time they returned, the man had left, Rae said.

The police were able to locate Dean after the front desk receptionist said a man matching the description of the intruder had asked for a taxi to a residence on North Park Road. After refusing to give his name for a taxi, Dean then reportedly asked for directions to the Rockies Condominiums.

Tuesday morning the police went to the residence on North Park Road, got Dean’s name and tracked him down at the Rockies, Rae said.

When questioned, Dean said he was lost, drunk and confused when he tried to climb through the window, Rae said.

Police net three in hunt for juvenile offender

Steamboat Springs police officers were able to locate a 17-year-old juvenile offender Monday afternoon. Two 20-year-old Steamboat men were charged with harboring him.

A few weeks ago, a Routt County judge sentenced the juvenile to two years in a Grand Mesa juvenile dentition center. While being taken by his mother from the Routt County Courthouse to the Routt County Jail, the boy escaped.

Steamboat Springs police Sgt. Joel Rae said his agency had been looking for the juvenile. On Tuesday afternoon, an off-duty police officer, Sgt. Nick Bosick, spotted the juvenile and followed him to a residence at 3405 Hiawatha Court.

On-duty police officers came to the residence and knocked on the door asking for the juvenile.

Max Nierenberg and Christopher Backes answered the door and said the juvenile was not there and they had not seen him.

The juvenile went out the back door and was caught by police officers and taken into custody.

Nierenberg and Backes were arrested on suspicion of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and accessory to a crime, both felonies. The two also had outstanding warrants.