New workout trend is no strip, all tease |

New workout trend is no strip, all tease

Autumn Phillips

Robin Getter said “No” when approached by someone about leading an exercise class based on the dances done by strippers.

That was in June, but after some research into the latest trend in fitness, Getter is going to offer her own version of the workout made famous by Carmen Electra in her aerobic striptease workout DVD and in the book “The S Factor,” by Sheila Kelley.

Getter’s version is being advertised as “Hot & Spicy: Total Body Workout,” promising to “spice up your life.”

“In June, when I first heard about this, I worried about what people would think,” Getter said. “But after I read (‘The S Factor’), I realized the whole thing is about empowerment.

“It was started by women to help other women appreciate their bodies and feel good about themselves.”

A similar concept is used in African dance and belly dance, she said.

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Getter thinks the word “aerobics” is a misnomer. “Hot & Spicy” has a better resemblance to the Strength and Stretch workouts combining muscle work and body toning with a sexy dance at the end. There is no actual stripping, the workout just mimics the dance moves strippers use.

Each muscle group is worked with a different dance. Dances are embellished with hip movements, body rolls and head tosses.

“The idea is to give you a broader sense of your body,” Getter said. “I say this helps you get a beautiful sexy body, but a lot of that is in your head. This class offers a transformation of self image, and that’s what made me decide to do it.”

Hot & Spicy: Total Body Workout

8:30 to 9:30 a.m. Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays beginning Oct. 12

The Center for Movement Arts on Eleventh Street between Lincoln Avenue and Yampa Street

$48 punch card for 8 classes