New behavior agreement required to attend Snowcoming Dance |

New behavior agreement required to attend Snowcoming Dance

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS— As Steamboat Springs High School students have been building up the courage to ask a classmate to the Snowcoming Dance, they were informed of a new measure that will require them and their parents to sign a behavior agreement before the big night.

"We have always had expectations. I think the biggest thing is trying to be very clear and transparent with  our expectations," Steamboat Springs High School Principal Kevin Taulman said. "It says in there, obviously, we are saying no drugs and alcohol, and we've always said that.

“In particular, the piece we are having a conversation around is this idea of how you interact with other people,” Taulman explained. “There should not be coercion going on to get people to do things they don't want to do, and there shouldn't be unwanted touching and groping — that shouldn't be happening. We want to make sure all our students are safe and feeling comfortable."

The students were informed about the new measures Friday. Taulman said he created a video that staff will show to students, so that students will get one consistent message. They will also be given the form that needs to be filled out before tickets can be purchased.

The biggest change is that students will not be allowed to purchase tickets to the traditional winter dance without reading and understanding a list of expectations that asks them to be respectful, to dress appropriately for the occasion, dance in a manner that is comfortable for both partners and bans the use of drugs and alcohol.

"We are hoping that there will be a conversation between the student and the parent or the guardian — a conversation about behavior," Taulman said.

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Taluman said he isn't trying to tell people how to parent, but after getting feedback from several concerned parents after this year's Homecoming Dance, he felt the school needed to address some issues. 

"We had a lot of parents concerned and a lot of female students concerned with behavior,” Taulman said. “That's what led to it.”

Taulman said this is the first time the school district has required students and parents to sign a form before attending a dance. It will be required for all dances going forward including this year’s prom. Taulman also thinks it will become standard operating procedure.

"This is our way to say you have read this, you looked at it and you have had a conversation with your child about this," Taulman added.

The Snowcoming Dance will take place Thursday night at the high school. 

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