New awards take center stage |

New awards take center stage

Four generations of the Gooding family have honed their skiing skills as part of the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club.

On Tuesday night, during the Winter Sports Club’s annual awards night, the family unveiled a new award that will remind people of the Gooding’s contributions for years to come.

The Tyler Gooding Award was among three new awards added to this year’s program. Others included the Ashley Stamp Memorial Award and the Henry Hall Cup.

Olympian Hall exploded with applause when it was announced that Tyler’s son, Marsh Gooding, is going to be the first to have his named engraved on his father’s award.

“It does mean a lot to me,” Marsh said after learning he had won. “Basically, ski racing was the most important part of my life and my dad’s life. He and I always had this dynamic between us that was connected to skiing. It was tough skiing without him. I almost walked away from the sport, but I decided to come back, and I’m glad that I did.”

Tyler Gates Gooding died unexpectedly in June 2004 at age 54. He followed his grandfather and father into the Winter Sports Club, growing up on skis in Steamboat Springs.

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He was a top junior racer in high school and went on to compete at Western State College.

Marsh Gooding said his father had him on skis at 10 months and that he helped him develop a lifelong love of the sport.

“Growing up, he was my first coach, and then I would come over here and ski with these guys, as well,” Marsh said. “After he died, I went to school, but I didn’t really know what to do. After being away from ski racing a few months, I was ready to come back. When I win races, or do really well, it’s tough not having him around.”

The three new awards complement a distinguished list of honors the Winter Sports Club hands out on an annual basis. The awards are a tribute to those who embody the spirit of skiing in our mountain community.

Other additions included the Ashley Stamp Memorial, which was won by Maria Hillenbrand.

Stamp died in a tragic skiing accident in December 2004, but her family is hoping the award will keep their daughter’s memory alive at the club.

“Ashley was a good friend, so this is a special award to win,” Hillenbrand said. “I played soccer with her, and I enjoyed hanging out with her when I had the chance.”

Trevor Wert was the first skier recognized for the Henry Hall Cup, which goes to the top special jumper at the North American Junior Championships. This was the first year the award was presented, but Bryan Fletcher, who won the championships in 2003 and 2005, and Davis Miller, who won in 2004, also had their names added to the trophy that will remain at the Winter Sports Club.

Hall made countless contributions to the sport of ski jumping and was the first American to set a world distance record in 1917 when he soared jumped 203 feet off a jump in Steamboat Springs.

His family sponsored the award, which will be handed out every year in Steamboat.

The new awards were just a part of an evening when the Winter Sports Club celebrated the achievements of the 2005-2006 season. During the ceremony, the Winter Sports Club presented 24 different awards to 23 skiers, four coaches and one community member who displayed the type of commitment needed to win the John Fetcher Honorary Sustaining Member award.

A few of the awards recognized athletic achievement on the slopes, but the majority of the honors were based on characteristics such as effort, sportsmanship and dedication instead of results. These awards also acknowledged skiers who not only excelled on the slopes, but also succeeded in the classroom.

The Bea Kirby Trophy Emily Hannah Snowboarding Excellence Award Tucker Allen Cross-Country Outstanding Performance Sarah MacCarthy Hobart Freestyle Award Abe Maynard Snowboarding Outstanding Performance Cody Kurowski Freestyle Coaches Cup Jonas Seiler Snowboard Spirit Award Steven Smith Ned Grant Memorial Trophy Heidi Hillenbrand/Melissa Krause Ritter Memorial Courage Cup The Stamp Family Stahly Award Kylie Douglas Wilbur Madsen Memorial Award Jake Barker Barrett Burch Memorial Trophy Grant Birkinbine/Evan Barbier Buddy Werner Bronze William Petersen/Paula Cooper Charles Abernathy Memorial Eimile Colgan Mary C. Magill Memorial Ski Meister Award Kate Cooper/Garrett Denney Ashley Stamp Memorial Award Maria Hillenbrand The Skeeter Award Jamie Gay John Fetcher Honorary Sustaining Member Melvin Hitchens Tyler Gooding Award Marsh Gooding The Henry Hall Cup Trevor Wert Snowboard Coach of the Year Spencer Tamblyn Nordic Coach of the Year Brian Tate Alpine Coach of the Year Andy LeRoy Freestyle Coach of the Year Seth Glauberman