Neil Cinquemani: Center debate impressive |

Neil Cinquemani: Center debate impressive

I attended the city council meeting, Tuesday Dec. 20, and was impressed with the debate. Mr. Towny Anderson appears to have positioned his negative vote, for the community center, based on two whimsical notions: that those features of the community center do not address “the growing, diverse needs of active senior citizens, who will be significant users of the new center,” and that “This building has no investment in the future. I think it simply replaces what was in the past.”

Does Mr. Anderson actually believe that a community center can and should meet the needs of every senior citizen? That the coming population boom (baby boomers) will expect a governmental agency to provide recreation and socialization in a one size fits all approach? Such a position is not only absurd but demonstrates how socialistic his position is on this beneficial expansion for Steamboat Springs. I am impressed with the architectural rendering and believe it will be an attractive addition to our hometown.

Neil Cinquemani

Steamboat Springs