Natalie Breitung: Helping our heroes |

Natalie Breitung: Helping our heroes

There are people here in Routt County who can't afford to repair the furnace or get fuel for it, who don't have a basic hookup for electricity, who won't dream of small remodeling projects to adapt their homes for disabilities and who have no income or savings to draw from while between jobs.

Some of these people come to me. I'm Natalie Breitung, American Legion Post 44 Veterans Services Officer, describing people who have served in the U.S. military around the world — women and men with needs just like yours and mine.

I have the privilege of working with our heroes every day. Whatever their needs, I try to find resources to help. Steamboat Springs American Legion Post 44 has established a GoFundMe account where you can give to help our veterans to put them back on the road to the same quality of life you enjoy.

Please visit our website to learn more about the needs and about how it all works. Then, search your heart for that place that says, "Yes, I can help."

Visit to make an online donation. Call me at 651-226-4345 or email me at to make an offline donation.

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Natalie Breitung

Veterans Services Officer

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