Nancy Spillane: Tax reform could cut $25B from Medicare |

Nancy Spillane: Tax reform could cut $25B from Medicare

The Congressional Budget Office recently stated that the tax cuts in 2018, as proposed in the GOP's tax reform bill, would total $136 billion, including slashing the budget to core programs like Medicare.

The CBO says the law would force a cut of $25 billion from Medicare — the maximum amount allowable — and then other cuts totaling “between $85 billion to $90 billion” from other programs like Border Patrol, the federal student loan program and farm subsidies. This slashing would help pay for the tax cuts for the wealthy.

Republicans are moving swiftly to pass a tax bill before the end of the year; Democrats argue that the deficits produced by the bill will lead to cuts to programs like Medicare and Social Security. Republicans have shown time and time again that reforming — and cutting — Medicaid and Medicare are among its priorities.

So if you are a senior and/or a family that uses Medicaid, now is the time to let your congressmen and women know that cutting these programs to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy is not acceptable.

Contact: Scott Tipton at 202.225-4761, Washington, D.C., or 970.241-2499, Grand Junction; Senator Cory Gardner at 202-224-5852, Washington, D.C., or 303-391-5777, Denver; Senator Michael Bennet at 202-224-5852, Washington, D.C., or 970-241-6631, Grand Junction.

Now is the time.

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