Nancy B. Kramer: Steward of arts necessary |

Nancy B. Kramer: Steward of arts necessary

They say you can't go back … home, to an exhausted relationship or ideal. As much as this has played true in my life, there are some times when it feels right and good to go back.

I had the pleasure of attending the annual membership meeting of the Steamboat Springs Arts Council this past Thursday. For the past few years, this valued organization has been in disarray: poor leadership, lost vision and accountability. Many tried, but the failed outcomes were discouraging to say the least.

So last Thursday, I was thrilled to see the quantum shift in leadership the Arts Council demonstrated at the meeting; revitalized vision, passion, pragmatic leadership, accountability and respect for the valued history and role the arts play in our community. It felt good to go back … to feel reassured the legacy Eleanor Bliss, Carol Finnoff and most recently Gloria Gossard gifted to this community is in good hands.

Thank you Kim Keith, executive director, and your staff, Sue Ohme, president and the board of directors, the dozens of artists and the more than 200 volunteers who have stepped up to take on this challenging, but vital role as stewards of the arts in our community.

Nancy B. Kramer

Program coordinator, Northwest Colorado Cultural Heritage Program, and former executive director of the Steamboat Springs Arts Council