Mount Werner Classic an uphill battle |

Mount Werner Classic an uphill battle

Steep Steamboat race proves 'a nice warmup' for men’s champ

Denver runner John Lilley makes his way up the trail Saturday during the Steamboat Springs Running Series Mount Werner Classic race. Lilley finished the 5-mile course. The 5- and 12-mile race proved challenging to the day's competitors.
Joel Reichenberger
Heidi Swoboda closes in on the finish line of the 5-mile course in Saturday’s Steamboat Springs Running Series Mount Werner Classic race.Joel Reichenberger

— Paul Raistrick said his Sat­urday morning 12-mile jaunt that ended at the top of the gondola at Steamboat Ski Area was just a training run, something to help introduce him to Colorado and get him acclimatized to the state’s high altitudes.

The Scot proved a different kind of runner than the rest of the field, and that generated a different kind of result in the day’s Steam­boat Springs Run­­ning Series Mount Werner Classic race.

He dominated the longer of the two races with a time of 1 hour, 43 minutes, 29 seconds.

“I checked out every race in Colorado this weekend, and this is the one I wanted to do,” he said. “It was perfect.”

Raistrick, who is in the United States for the World Moun­­tain Running Challenge at Pikes Peak, found everything he wanted on the slopes of Mount Werner, though it’s not entirely likely that his competitors agreed with all his assessments.

He said the course, which drove many of even the strongest men and women in the event to walk up certain sections, was not too steep and decidedly “runable.” He said the views were spectacular and the wildflowers stunning.

“Not that that’s why you do something like this,” he said. “It was really beautiful. There were no sections that were too steep, and it was really great up through the meadows with the wildflowers.”

It proved perfect for his own goals, however. He trained for the Pikes Peak event with jaunts up Scotland’s comparably minor mountains and by running intervals on a treadmill, the pitch setting jacked as high as possible.

It paid off Saturday as he dumped most of the field early and pulled away from the rest midway through the challenging race, which included more than 3,000 feet of climbing and took runners from the base of the gondola to the top of Storm Peak, before descending to the top-of-the-gondola finish line.

“None of our mountains are this high at home, so I was just trying to get a good pace,” Raistrick said. “We’re looking at a 2,000-meter climb at Pikes Peak, and this was perfect today. I’d never been to Colorado before, and this was a lot of fun.”

He finished ahead of Harald Niedl, in second in 1:47:34, and Bill Goldsmith, in third in 1:48:41.

Steamboat’s Jenny Fox won the women’s race, surging past Kristi Jordan after the course finally turned downhill. Fox finished in 2:12:18 and Jordan in 2:13:07. Caroline Walden was third in 2:14:35.

Jordan “led most of the way. She pulled pretty far ahead at one point, but I gained back on her and was able to pass her on the downhill,” Fox said. “It was a hard course, but it is beautiful out there right now.”

Kremmling’s Scholl family dominated the 5-mile race. Tyler Scholl won the men’s side and Tabor the women’s, and both beat out their parents, Shawn and Steph Scholl, who were third in their divisions.

Tyler Scholl finished in 48:35, edging out Dennis Flan­nigan, who finished with the same time. Shawn Scholl finished in 54:30.

Tabor Scholl finished in 56:20, ahead of Mary Rose, in 1:05:30, and Steph Scholl, 1:06:12.

“It’s not easy,” Tabor Scholl said about her big run. “You want to walk pretty bad, but you have to keep pushing because you know it’s almost there.”

Tyler Scholl said he thrives on a course like Saturday’s.

“I don’t know how I got that way, but I really like uphills,” he said. “Uphill biking, uphill skiing, uphill cross-country skiing, I always do well.”

Mount Werner Classic results


5-mile run


Tyler Scholl 48:35

Dennis Flannigan 48:35

Shawn Scholl 54:30

Jon Sargent 58:25

Steve Kral 59:27

Mike Hurley 1:04:02

Mike Morris 1:06:52

Craig Roberts 1:08:23

Jamie Jenkins 1:09:12

Larry Lindeman 1:09:38

Frans Hijkoop 1:09:48

Mark Yellin 1:10:05

Daniel Jenkins 1:10:48

Steve Jenkins 1:10:56

Ryan Oilar 1:15:41

John Fell 1:17:19

Kipper Stiever 1:17:30

Ben Jacobson 1:18:37

John Sieker 1:19:15

Buddy Moyer 1:19:53

David Nagel 1:20:24

Chuck Hurley 1:21:26

Larry Haines 1:21:30

Keith Lundberg 1:23:59

Arnie Jacobson 1:25:34

Spencer Elliott 1:27:06

Thomas Williams 1:28:31

Lee Berlet 1:29:42

Matt Newport 1:29:48

John Lilley 1:30:15

John Zoshak 1:30:56

Dan Macias 1:36:38

John Wafer 1:51:53

Micheal Linsky 2:16:00

Tom James 3:08:25

Bill Potocnik 3:08:25


Tabor Scholl 56:20

Mary Rose 1:05:30

Steph Scholl 1:06:12

Jennifer Ellis 1:09:27

Michaela Frias 1:10:38

Chrissy Plotner 1:11:14

Haley Piske 1:11:15

Emily Oilar 1:15:41

Mckayla Patterson 1:16:38

Page Jenkins 1:16:47

Lucy Jacobson 1:17:10

Heather Vallem 1:19:45

Jill Canning 1:21:14

Dana Fitzgerald 1:22:45

Carissa Berlet 1:25:02

Clarisa Elliott 1:27:53

Nora Mckay 1:29:35

Michelle Wyant 1:29:41

Robin Page 1:31:42

Heidi Swoboda 1:32:16

Dana Casper 1:32:17

Andoni Cameron 1:33:27

Laura Anderson 1:34:38

Margrete Macias 1:36:36

Kaela Miller 1:38:35

Nancy Cowen 1:55:51

Tamara Dougherty 1:55:53

Linda Morris 1:57:39

Annette Gregory 2:07:30

Karen Linsky 2:16:00

Julie Potocnik 3:07:15

Maryann Potocnik 3:08:25

12-mile run


Paul Raistrick 1:43:29

Harald Niedl 1:47:34

Bill Goldsmith 1:48:41

Brian Hutcheson 1:50:02

Derek Leidigh 1:58:28

Todd Trapp 1:59:04

Aaron Docter 2:05:32

Randall Purintun 2:06:04

Roy Cardwell 2:07:57

Ken Rogers 2:10:24

Brian Blair 2:11:41

Ryan Spaustat 2:12:43

Dean Small 2:12:43

Bo Jones 2:19:30

Robert Forster 2:20:07

Joe Casica 2:21:10

Zachary Holloway 2:22:15

Robert Kanieski 2:25:31

Henry Evans 2:25:50

Avrom Feinberg 2:28:42

Andrew Hyde 2:29:15

Tom Nelson 2:29:33

Ron Dorneker 2:36:50

Adam Carlson 2:43:17

James Danoff-Burg 2:55:10

David Elliott 3:04:23

Tyler Jacobs 3:12:45

Douglas Ortego 3:17:24


Jenny Fox 2:12:18

Kristi Jordan 2:13:07

Caroline Walden 2:14:35

Mary Schuette 2:17:43

Amy Charity 2:18:08

Kellie Metcalf 2:19:03

Christine Boose 2:22:46

Kelly Bedell 2:23:38

Eve Stephenson 2:27:44

Helen Shine 2:29:03

Shelley Doggett 2:30:10

Jennifer Hurley 2:30:14

Amy Dickson 2:31:00

Camille Fischer 2:34:20

Kathy Vanblarcum 2:38:24

Sarah Kostin 2:38:41

Stephanie Grant 2:40:33

Hannah Williams 2:41:16

Cara Marrs 2:41:31

Shannon St John 2:42:12

Amy Roberts 2:42:50

Betsy Frick 2:51:33

Deb Freeman 2:51:54

Anja Brane 2:54:18

Melissa Uchitelle-Rogers 2:54:19

Michelle Marian 3:04:15

Cheryl Szydlo 3:08:58

Cammy Ravenscroft 3:12:24

Brynna Vogt 3:12:24

Katherine Zaunbrecher 3:17:23

Diane Carter 3:22:29

Shawn Donnelly 3:33:47

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