Moose crashes through Breckenridge window well, requires rescue |

Moose crashes through Breckenridge window well, requires rescue

DENVER — Breckenridge police answered a home invasion call Friday only to learn that the intruder was an adult moose who fell through a window into the basement.

The moose was wandering outside the home when it fell through a window well and crashed through a window and into a basement bedroom where a house guest and a young child were sleeping, Colorado Parks and Wildlife district manager Elissa Slezak was quoted as saying in a news release.

Parks and Wildlife suspect the large cow moose was wandering in deep snow outside the home when she fell into a window well and through a basement window. The residents inside, suspecting a home invasion, called 911. When officers arrived, they found the moose sitting in an interior basement room.

“When we arrived, the moose was actually pretty calm and didn’t appear to be injured by the fall or the broken glass, so we immediately made a plan to remove her safely from the house,” Slezak said.

Wildlife officers, Breckenridge police and area firefighters put their heads together to develop a plan to get the large moose out of the basement. They tranquilized the moose and then moved her through a tight stairwell and into a trailer.


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