Montie Mehsling: Steamboat Pilot is real ‘fake news’ |

Montie Mehsling: Steamboat Pilot is real ‘fake news’

The Epoch Times has more real news about the outer world on just one of its publication’s front pages than your paper has in an entire year. To pretend shock at The Epoch Times’ bias while at the same time pretending you’re fair and balanced is an affront to your readers’ intelligence.

Let me school you on the Falun Gong. It’s a movement, not a cult. Falun Gong is all about personal health and well being, a direct threat to the pro-vaccination pharmaceutical industry. Its followers have been rounded up and imprisoned in China. And since they are heathy, they are being used for on-demand organ harvesting. That’s a real story for your reporters.

Maybe we should listen to someone who has lived in a tyrannical state. Furthermore, since when is unsolicited mail a story? “Stop the presses … Harbor Freight just mailed out out some ciculars.”

I hope your lame attempt at manipulating us readers backfires enormously.

Montie Mehsling
Steamboat Springs

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