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Misplaced signs top 100

Dana Strongin

— City officials have picked up more than 100 election signs that were placed where they did not belong.

Code enforcement officials and employees of the City Clerk’s Office picked up the signs this week in response to complaints, City Clerk Julie Jordan said.

People complained that signs were in the public right-of-way, Jordan said, as well as on private property without the consent of property owners. Signs in the public right-of-way can block drivers’ views on street sides, she said.

Every City Council candidate except Dick Curtis, who is running for the District 3 seat, had signs where they were not permitted, Jordan said. Officials also took down signs for both candidates in the Steamboat Springs School District’s only contested School Board race and for three ballot issues.

Candidates have done a good job of moving signs back when asked, Jordan said, and by Friday afternoon, most had picked up their removed signs from where they were piled at City Hall.

“All of the candidates have been very gracious,” she said.

Jordan doesn’t foresee too many more problems with the signs.

“I don’t think we’ll have to remove any more signs. The candidates are being very cautious now, and they’re doing a great job trying to comply,” Jordan said.

According to city regulations:

Candidates cannot affix a sign to any curb, sidewalk, post, pole, hydrant, bridge, tree or any other surface located on, over or across any public street, right-of-way, property or thoroughfare.

No one is allowed to place handbills on windshields of motor vehicles or on power or telephone poles.

Candidates do not need a permit to place signs in legal locations, but they must remove them by Nov. 8.

On Election Day, no signs can be located within 100 feet of a polling place.

The city also requests that candidates get the permission of private property owners before putting up signs on their property.

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