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Miriam Pensack: Argue with facts

— It was bright fall afternoon. Strolling toward my Jeep in the high school parking lot, I noticed from yards away an unfamiliar addition to the back of my car. With each approaching step, it became abundantly clear what had gone awry: a fellow student had drawn a giant phallic symbol over my bumper sticker! This would have been nothing more than your typical high school prank, except that the defaced sticker was advocating my presidential hopeful.

I tried to shrug the event off, pointing more to humor than to politics as its cause. But when, the next day, I found the sticker, balled up and stuck to my windshield, comedy was not what came to mind. I asked myself what it is in politics that makes people so ugly toward one another. How is it that when it comes down to McCain or Obama, I am no longer a fellow classmate, but rather an enemy.

Whether we are Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal, any argument for Decision 2008 simply is invalidated when we throw trite personal attacks at one another. Come on, America. Can we please act like adults? Can we read about the policies of our candidates before negating them? For most citizens, this is asking a lot. Beyond improved international, domestic, and economic situations, I hope that the future America may be a country where people are informed enough to argue politics with facts, not weeners.

Miriam Pensack

Steamboat Springs