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Mike Lyons: Apologies and congratulations

In the interest of preserving and protecting the sacred principle of honesty, I would like to convey a deep heartfelt apology to both the editor and the good readers of this newspaper. Two weeks ago, this fine publication printed a letter of mine that I signed with an alias — a pen name. By no means was my intention to be deceitful or misguiding; I merely used an anagram of my full name. Although I have no reason for doing such, and I realize there is no excuse for my action, my hope is that you, dear reader, can look past this misjudgment.

Having said that, congratulations are in order to the good people of Massachusetts for electing an independent thinker to sit in the people's seat of their state's Senate. My only hope is that the rest of this great nation will follow suit in the upcoming elections and begin the return to a constitutional government the likes of which our founding fathers intended.

Mike Lyons