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Mike Knezevich: I will miss you

— I want to send out a personal thank you to all of the staff members, students, parents and community members who have supported me during the situation regarding my retention at the high school. I have loved my time working at the high school and particularly will miss my daily interaction with all of the students.

During the past few months I was given four areas to improve on and have diligently worked on each of the points and showed improvement in all areas. Dr. Smyser said that I was unwilling to admit my faults. I, as all of us, have faults and want to continue to improve in those areas.

I identified 29 points or areas of focus that were included in an “Action Plan” that was approved by the superintendent. During the past eight weeks, I completed 26 of the items, two are in progress and the other was deleted because it could conflict with one of the areas of improvement requested – that of reducing the number of staff meetings. Additionally, in relation to the items listed in the action plan, I noted nearly 100 items of documentation of things I accomplished in relation to these points. All of this occurred during an extremely busy fourth quarter at the high school, with events such as graduation, senior assembly, awards breakfast, and prom going on, along with the smooth daily running of the high school without any distraction or interruption in the main focus of our building – providing a quality education for all of our students.

I always have encouraged and expected our staff to work to become better educators each and every day, and I, in turn, expected the same of myself and my abilities as a leader. I live my life with the belief I want to be a better person today than I was yesterday and also to be a better principal tomorrow than I was today.

People in leadership positions do not always make everyone happy. During the years, I have had to make many tough decisions and have tough conversations with parents, students and staff. I was willing to have those tough conversations because I want only the best for all of the students in the high school.

The high school staff and students are exceptional, and I wish the best for each and every one of you. Parents and community members continue to stand strong with your support of the high school. I will miss you.

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