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Mike Forney: Stop casting stones

It is so sad that so many people who know Kent Nightwalker have been silent about the man and his positive contributions to the community. What he did was wrong, dangerous and the height of poor judgment. He has paid the price for that with a small fine and incredible humiliation.

On the other side of the ledger is Kent’s work for years bringing clothing, food and materials to the poor and unfortunates in Native American reservations. The large white Nightwalker van that Kent and his wife fill from local donations travels frequently to these remote locations – and the costs are borne by the Nightwalker family. Kent is an active member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and gives tireless to the vestry and youth programs. He also is a genuinely nice person who I am proud to know.

All of you who castigate Kent probably have done something stupid during your life. I know I have. Most of us don’t get caught, and, hopefully, we learn from our mistakes and go on. A few get exposed for dumb acts. Kent has been in a very small group who find themselves exposed to the max on the front page of local and regional newspapers.

Let’s stop casting stones and let the man go back to what he has been doing for years – serving others and giving of himself to the less fortunate.

Mike Forney

Steamboat Springs