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Michele Meyer: Thank you, Moots Cycles

On behalf of Community Agriculture Alliance, I would like to thank and recognize Moots for their outstanding community support and leadership.  While Moots is known for their extraordinary, handcrafted bikes, they should also be recognized as a local business that truly cares about our community. 

More than six years ago, community members from agriculture and cyclists came together to talk about related concerns and issues. An open dialogue and connections between these two diverse groups began and continues today. 

The Moots Ranch Rally Ride is one of the successful collaborations that creates meaningful connections for cyclists and local agriculture.  Community Agriculture Alliance (CAA), as a local nonprofit organization working to promote and support ag, is fortunate to partner with Moots on this unique community event. 

The Moots website talks about a “shared passion and common interests.”  The CAA website has had the exact same language for many years. At a glance, the two organizations may not seem similar, and yet, we truly do share a passion for the Yampa Valley and have common interests in protecting and preserving our natural resources, including agriculture. 

We are genuinely thankful for their generosity and support of CAA. Since the event started in 2014, more than $20,000 has been donated to CAA mission and programs. Equally important are the connections, education, awareness and open conversations about respectfully sharing our roads whether riding a bike, a horse, driving a tractor or car. 

Thank you to the entire Moots team for their hard work in making this event a true success. We’re already looking forward to next year’s ride.

Michele Meyer
Executive director, Community Agriculture Alliance

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