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Michael Malone: Game disgusting

— The news is filled with stories about tornadoes, floods, wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones and tsunamis – just a few natural disasters that can change our lives and take our lives. Imagine that we could prevent these catastrophes simply by not allowing them to take place.

Now imagine a manmade disaster just as devastating that we can prevent. It’s a video game, and it goes by the name “Grand Theft Auto 4,” or “GTA 4.” It’s a sad day for our world that this disgusting disease exists. It is especially bad for Steamboat Springs when two people like Chip and Jonothan Carter are allowed a public forum in Four Points to praise the virtues (rather, the lack thereof) of this garbage.

“Crime, violence, and debauchery,” “wreaking havoc at will,” and “first clearly human character in a game.”

How sad. They could “spend an entire day (doing this) and be completely satisfied.” How satisfied would these two men be when they are the target of someone “blasting away with a sub-machine gun.” Or, even worse, when their son is the one “accomplishing missions” because of their acceptance, tolerance and endorsement of such a vile video game.

It has no place in our community and shouldn’t be allowed in your newspaper.

Michael Malone

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