Melissa Hampton: Why the rush to destroy people’s lives? |

Melissa Hampton: Why the rush to destroy people’s lives?

Interesting question with a very simple answer, and it has nothing to do with health care. It has everything to do with money and holding onto Congressional seats.

The proposed health care bill is a massive tax cut for the very rich and has little or nothing to do with “we, the people.” That $800 billion tax cut has to come from somewhere, and health care is the easiest target.

Mitch McConnell is banking on the gratitude of the very rich and reaping the rewards through political contributions (think Citizens United) to ensure single-party government continues.  In some circles, that is called money laundering.

The most heinous part of the “discussion bill” – note, we don’t even know what the final bill includes – are the massive cuts to Medicaid.  In Colorado, as in most states, cuts to Medicaid hurt rural communities the most. That’s us – Routt County and Moffat County.

The proposed health care bill is a massive tax cut for the very rich and has little or nothing to do with “we, the people.” Melissa Hampton

The Senate bill offers less money than the House bill for states to distribute for Medicaid and pre-existing conditions, and it won’t be nearly enough to meet the need. State and local taxes will go up in most states, but in Colorado, we have a tax cap known as Tabor that limits the annual growth in state and local taxes. Infants, the elderly, those with pre-existing conditions, the middle class and the poor are totally screwed.

The only winners in the bill are the lobbyists, the far right, wealthy special interests who helped write it, and Republicans seeking re-election. Our Republican Senator Cory Gardner got almost $152,000 from the health care industry in 2016, over 10 percent of his campaign war chest, but 51 percent of Colorado voters sent him to Washington. His loyalty is supposed to be us.

This atrocious bill is being rushed to a vote in less than a week and has to be stopped. Call Cory Gardner immediately – and often — to tell him to support Colorado and vote “no” on the Senate health care bill. Gardner’s Washington, D.C. office number is 202-224-5941 and his Denver office number is 303-391-5777.

Melissa Hampton
Steamboat Springs

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