Melissa Hampton: March is about ‘Power to the Polls’ |

Melissa Hampton: March is about ‘Power to the Polls’

On Sunday, Jan. 21, the women, men and children of greater Routt Country will come together for the second year in a public commitment to respect, dignity and a fair future for all.

This year, our Steamboat Women's March has a sub-theme, "Power to the Polls." We march as a reminder to and, we hope, inspiration for, Routt Country residents that the power to change the direction of our country is in our hands and not in the hands of elected officials. Just as we put them in office, we can remove them when they fail to act in the best interest of our town, our country and our planet.

We march to communicate our insistence that our elected officials demonstrate the highest personal moral standards, a commitment to selfless public service and an openness to and compassion for every human life regardless of color, ethnicity, income, education and gender.

If you share this vision for our country, bring your positive signs, your positive energy and join us as we march toward a future where liberty and justice for all remains the guiding principle of our great town and our great nation. See you at 10 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 21 at Bud Werner Memorial Library.

Melissa Hampton

Steamboat Springs