Meg Bentley: Letter was ‘un-American’ |

Meg Bentley: Letter was ‘un-American’

This letter is actually to the “formers” — former City Council members, former council presidents, former council president pro-tems. I am one of you: a former City Council member. And, actually, any people currently serving on City Council might also be able to benefit from my comments.

My issue today is the big deal being made of one accusation against two city police department officers. True, not true, we don’t know. Whether we are Tea Party, Green Party, Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans or other makes no difference at all. One of the principles that our country was founded on is that of being “innocent until proven guilty.”

I find the recent letter signed mostly by “formers” to be completely un-American. Let’s say someone comes up and says, “I saw that person fly a kite when flying kites is illegal in our town” and the accused says, “I did not fly a kite within the city limits!”

That is what has happened in the case of the accusation of misconduct by two officers in the Steamboat Police Department. One person is saying “You did this.” And the accused are saying, “I didn’t do that.”

Regardless of my own personal political leanings, it is against our Constitution to presume any guilt. That is why it is so important that our city manager has hired an independent investigator to discover the facts in this case. And as American citizens, it would behoove us all to await the report from that investigation before we presume guilt — but, especially if we are presuming guilt for political reasons.

I don’t mean to be harsh or accusative. Most of you “formers” have made great contributions to our community through the years, and I thank you for those contributions. Please, just remember that on a national and historical scale, our country was founded on innocent until proven guilty.

Eagerly awaiting the results of the


Meg Bentley

“Former” city council woman

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