Measles vaccination encouraged after recent outbreak |

Measles vaccination encouraged after recent outbreak

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Measles is a highly contagious disease that causes fever, rash, cough, runny nose and swelling of the eyes. Serious cases can lead to brain damage or death. Getting vaccinated is the best way to prevent measles.

Although the disease is rare in the U.S., it is still common in other parts of the world. Outbreaks occur when travelers who have not been vaccinated against measles get the disease and bring it to the U.S., where it spreads to others who are not protected. The Centers for Disease Control recommends children get two doses of MMR — measles, mumps, rubella — vaccine, starting with the first dose at age 12 months to 15 months and the second dose at age 4 to 6.

Colorado requires children have the MMR vaccine to enter child care or school. Teens and adults should also be up to date on MMR vaccination. In general, everyone age 18 and older born after 1956, who has not had measles, needs at least one dose of the vaccine.

It is especially important to have the measles vaccine if you plan to travel internationally.

For more information, visit Northwest Colorado Health provides vaccines for all ages. To make an appointment, call 970-879-1632.

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