Maynard Short: To the new editor |

Maynard Short: To the new editor

Maynard Short

Dear new editor,

Now that Brent Boyer has gone to a different place, please take this opportunity to change the face of the Steamboat Today's ViewPoints page.

End the ridiculous fascination with The New York Times columnists and try some other papers.

The Los Angeles Times, the Louisville Courier-Journal, the Miami Herald, the Dallas Star, the Christian Science Monitor and The Wall Street Journal all have quality writers with something to say. Try them occasionally.

Does Routt County readership really need the faux-economic theories of Paul Krugman 100 times per year?

Why not offset the silliness of Maureen Dowd with the sassiness of Ann Coulter or the street fighter voice of Michelle Malkin occasionally?

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As the printed media stumbles off into obscurity, why not taunt us with a bit of diversity? Try it. You might enjoy it.

Maynard Short