Maynard Scott: listen to bias |

Maynard Scott: listen to bias

People of Routt County, once again, you are being filtered from relevant information by the bias of the local newspaper. The BLM/Colorado State Land Board SWAP of Routt County BLM acreage for Emerald Mountain program hit a milestone last week. The BLM feasibility study was approved at the national headquarters of the BLM. This feasibility study approval then starts the process whereby there are to be public awareness meetings by the Emerald Mountain Partnership and the BLM to the residents, so that a fair and informed decision can be made.

The first of these meetings was held July 30, with about 75 people in attendance. Of these 75 people present, there were about 15 voluntary members of the Citizens Group to Save Public Land, who are opposed to the swap. We handed out three-page documents identifying the scam being perpetrated on the people of Routt County by the BLM and the Emerald Mountain Partnership.

The Today reporter, who received a copy of this, didn’t mention any of this. She made one small comment quoting the leader of the Citizens Group, but made no reference as the opposing viewpoint paper or to the fact that many in the audience were and are adamantly opposed to the exchange. Last Sunday’s Pilot & Today also has an article about the Thursday meeting, and once again, it is totally void of any opposition statement.

People of Routt County, if you want the complete viewpoint of the opposition, you will not find it in the newspaper. Contact us at 736-8433 or 276-3245 or P.O. Box 284, Phippsburg, CO, and we will send you the opposing viewpoint on this BLM swap. The paper is entitled “The Emerald Mountain Scam.”

It is shameful that a local newspaper, even with its self-evident bias, can be so insulting to the public as to not give a fair coverage to the opposing viewpoints for such a longlasting and irreversible decision as the Emerald Mountain land swap.

There will be at least another four or five meetings by the Emerald Mountain Partnership and the BLM, to inform the public as well as special interest groups about the planned swap. It is almost a certainty that if the public is misinformed by the Emerald Mountain Partnership and then reported (or not reported) with the local newspaper’s obvious “spin,” this trade will happen at the expense of the residents of Routt County.

Call or write your newspaper demanding full and fair and complete coverage of these events.

Maynard P. Short

Oak Creek, Citizens to Save

Public Land

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