Maureen Smilkstein: Missing the mark |

Maureen Smilkstein: Missing the mark

Sheriff Wiggins, along with the Weld and Moffatt County sheriffs, were elected into office to enforce all the laws legislated regardless of their personal or political views. They had their chance to vote, and now that their preferred party lost, it is crucial they put their own views behind and follow the law, as we all are expected to do.

Just because the sheriff doesn't believe this law will keep guns out of the hands of criminals and will punish law-abiding citizens doesn't make it so. Many of us think otherwise, including the majority of law enforcement officers across this country, as well as in this state.

I would like the sheriff to tell me how the new gun law will punish law-abiding citizens? Is it the inconvenience of being limited to a 15-round clip or a background check that is the problem? Don't all law enforcement officers undergo a background check? If so, why would that be a problem for other "law-abiding citizens?"

I also would like an explanation from the sheriff as to how the limiting of ammunition clips to 15 and a background check somehow infringe on the Second Amendment, which guarantees everyone's right to bear arms. I cannot find any information regarding the type or amount of ammunition addressed in that amendment.

By his own admission, our sheriff has shown his inability to problem solve when he states that the new law "would be impossible to enforce." Maybe he should be conferring with the other sheriffs, such as Arapahoe County's, who strongly supports the new laws, and find out how their departments will solve the problem.

The sheriff sets a terrible example to his many subordinates by publicly declaring his disdain for the law he was sworn to uphold, as well as to the public by claiming his right to prioritize the laws he deems fit or not.

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I believe "what's good for the goose is good for the gander," as they say. So, one last question to Sheriff Wiggins is this: If you, as sheriff, can pick which laws to enforce, can I pick which ones I chose to follow? I often find those pesky traffic laws impossible to follow, so hopefully you and your officers will understand when you find me clocking 80 mph in a 65 mph zone. Just think of it as me "prioritizing."

Maureen Smilkstein

Steamboat Springs