Maureen Smilkstein: Dogs off leash solution is waste of resources |

Maureen Smilkstein: Dogs off leash solution is waste of resources

Let me get this straight.

A speeding driver, endangering lives, gets pulled over and given a speeding ticket. This is easily paid by check or money order to the appropriate law department.

A person inadvertently opens the door of their home. The dog escapes and is picked up by animal control. No loss of property or injury has occurred. The dog owner receives a summons and is required to appear in court in order to determine the amount of said offense.

The owner now must take time off work. A judge has to spend time listening to the facts. The animal control officer must also appear — in case there’s a dispute — and the court then files appropriate paperwork, etc.

From an economic standpoint alone, does the hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars spent on prosecuting a non-crime/code violation justify the extra $25 or $50 fine for multiple-time dog offenders?

Do the taxpayers really want or deserve this frivolous waste of money spent on such ridiculous events?

Do the municipal judges, administrative employees and city staff really need to waste their time and clog the courts with this drivel?

When the animal control officers are sitting in court is this a productive use of time?

The dogs off leash issue seems to have involved nearly every branch of government, at tremendous costs as well as unimaginable hours spent in meetings, to come up with a non-solution.

The current solution, in my opinion, is a total waste of valuable resources. How about sparing all of us the brain damage and grief and just apply a uniform appropriate fine to the offense, and just as they do with driving violations, you violate the rule, and you pay the fine.


Maureen Smilkstein

Steamboat Springs

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