Matthew Grasse: Missing the point |

Matthew Grasse: Missing the point

I guess I'm one of the first new shuttle riders to the west end. The shuttle is very pleasant; it has that new shuttle smell, the driver is happy to have a new job. I'm glad the city has addressed this very important issue.

But I don't understand why they would run the Aqua line simultaneously. I could gander that they have to keep up the previous schedule outlined. Now, they are going to spend an extra $15,000 to $20,000 during this season. The shuttle is nice, but what issues has it addressed?

The new shuttle runs during peak hill hours, what's the point? I would guess they cut the service on the west end because guests don't really stay on the west end anyway.

Thank you for giving us this new shuttle, but is this just some stop-gap measure to deal with a problem that could have been avoided? The issue, to me, is people being able to get to work early in the morning. The new shuttle has nothing to do with that.

Perhaps I'm missing the point, and if I am, slap me intellectually, so I will know. Once again, I thank the city for addressing the issue.

Matthew Grasse

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