Mark Helm: ‘I’m with the students’ |

Mark Helm: ‘I’m with the students’

A few always ruin it for the many. Certainly a few irresponsible gun owners have ruined it for responsible gun owners, and tragically, the innumerable innocent victims of gun violence.

It is a simple fact that guns are more easily available to more people in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world. It is a simple fact that the U.S. has more problems related to gun violence than anywhere else in the world. The way we deal with guns in the U.S., with easy access to guns and ammunition, has contributed to our current shameful state of regular mass shootings and even more frequent individual homicides and suicides.

We have tried it this way for a long time, with easy access to weapons and ammunition, at the incredible price of loss of our most vulnerable citizens: grade school, high school and college students. To keep on doing things the same way and pretend there is no problem is illogical.

So the adults have had it their way and the state of affairs is pretty dismal. The students say "No more."

I, and hundreds of thousands, probably more, are with the students. And I strongly suspect on the right side of history too.

Mark Helm, MD

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