Marie, Paul and Mona Blee: Holding out hope |

Marie, Paul and Mona Blee: Holding out hope

— Saturday, Nov. 22, marks the 29th year since our daughter, Marie Blee, went to a dance in Craig and never came back home to Hayden, where we were living at that time.

Her disappearance has left a large void in our lives and put us on a life-long quest to find her. We would like to be able to lay her to rest where we, as parents, can show her the respect she deserves and we can put some of our anxieties to rest.

This happened 29 years ago, and someone in Northwest Colorado knows where she is. Finding her would not only help us get off the wild roller coaster ride we have been on throughout the years, but it also would help ease the conscience of the ones who know what happened and, most importantly, where she is.

We know there is a fear factor about reporting such an incident, but that is normal, and we can understand this. However, we are appealing to the people of Northwest Colorado to assist us in resolving this distressing incident so that we can get on with our lives. Make an anonymous call to Crime Stoppers, or call us at 970-241-3950 (we do not have caller ID), or write to us at 2517 Ouray Avenue, Grand Junction, CO 81501.

But please, someone, tell us where our daughter is. We don’t need your name or phone number, just information as to where Marie Blee is.

Marie, Paul and Mona Blee

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