Marie Matta: A just solution |

Marie Matta: A just solution

As a citizen of Lebanon, and therefore with a personal stake in the future of the Middle East, it was with disbelief that I read Jack and Lynny Huston’s letter (Feb. 6, 2008) outlining their provocative view of a proposed peace in Israel.

First, the cedars of Lebanon are a proud symbol of my country’s ancient history and its current struggle to preserve its fragile sovereignty, and I resent the claim that this land should become part of a greater Israel.

Second, as a Christian, the God that I believe in created all people equal and does not favor the Jewish people over any other. In fact, He must be greatly saddened at Israel’s 60-year oppression of the Palestinians.

Third, my vision for the Middle East is not of a conquering and dominant Israel, but of a compassionate and just solution for the Palestinian people, and of peace between all the countries of the neighborhood. My vision is one where they can all celebrate the common elements of their heritage, culture and religion, worship side by side in the Holy Land and benefit together from the rich history and untapped tourism potential of the region, thereby achieving a new prosperity together.

I pray and remain hopeful that this will occur in my lifetime. The God that I believe in would not see a “Frankenstein state” or a “monster” but would rejoice at peace and reconciliation among His children.

Marie Matta

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