Marie L. Bridges: Eradicate fluoride |

Marie L. Bridges: Eradicate fluoride

What would warrant the dispatching, from the state level, of a cabal of young professional women, (only one of whom stated she actually lived in Hayden — the rest from both ends of the Yampa Valley — Craig and Steamboat Springs, on a quiet summer evening in June to a meeting of the Hayden Town Board, of which the vast majority of residents were totally unaware?

The answer? The issue of fluoridation and the removal of fluoride from our municipal water system. A new issue on the agenda, not one that had been discussed previously.

These women were fully equipped with packets and/or printouts of the standard CDC mantra that “fluoride is wonderful, and everyone should appreciate its benefits.”

The representative from the Craig VNA carried a large packet of handouts for each board member, even though these materials hadn’t been submitted beforehand, per protocol.

Extensive documentation was presented by two longtime Hayden residents (submitted two days prior to the meeting) representing the work of 4,000 bonafide dentists, doctors, researchers and scientists, plus peer-reviewed articles, stating the real dangers and debilitating effects of fluoride ingested through drinking water.

Two dentists, each with five years of experience, were among the seven to eight young women, who had arrived together. They maintained fluoride is “cheap and effective insurance against tooth decay” and after agreeing fluoride is especially hard on anyone with kidney impairment and babies, one recommendation was to “tell those people not to drink much treated water; use bottled instead.”

How thoughtful. Never mind the problem is only one of the vast, serious and deadly consequences of fluoride consumption, including cancer, hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, etc., ad nauseum.

And, unlike the other deadly halide used to treat our water, chlorine, which dissipates, fluoride builds up and accumulates in our bodies. Folks, read the labels on your fluoridated toothpaste. It is poison that can kill a small child — quickly. The poison control center’s number is right there for your convenience. The label on the containers of fluoride dumped into our water system has a skull and crossbones on it.

Ask yourself why 4,000 reputable, experienced professional men and women (some of whom have lost their positions at research facilities, because they dared to publish articles exposing the dangers of fluoride) who have spent vast years and monies on education and untold hours in research, would risk it all by signing their names to a document calling for the eradication of fluoride in drinking water supplies worldwide?

What do they have to gain? Only the satisfaction of knowing that, by speaking out, they might actually be instrumental in getting this deadly poison out of the one substance every man, woman and child — not to mention pet — must consume on a regular basis or die — water.

But perhaps it’s as Mark Twain said, “It’s easier to tell lies, than to convince people that they’ve been lied to.” Please consider this as you fill out your ballot and drop it off.

If you want more information about fluoride, visit fluo

Marie L. Bridges


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