Marie and John Josephitis: Thank you, Steamboat |

Marie and John Josephitis: Thank you, Steamboat

Steamboat Springs is so much more than just a wonderful resort town. We got to experience this firsthand while we were in Steamboat Springs this past weekend. We were there for a memorial service for my dear friend, Kit Rice. It was incredible to see how much the people of Steamboat Springs came together to honor Kit and her life.

Kit was from Oak Park, Ill., and we always wanted her to come back home. People love her here, and this is where she grew up. What we experienced this weekend is that Kit found her true home in Steamboat Springs. We always knew how great she was, and she obviously had the same impact on Steamboat Springs.

I was overwhelmed, as Kit would have been, to see what was done on her behalf. Kit was never one to call attention to herself, but she was always focused on others instead. There are so many people to thank whom I did meet and many others who I know were behind the scenes doing so much.

The tribute at the ice arena was absolutely amazing. So many people from all aspects of Kit’s life really captured the essence of who Kit was, and as her friend of 35 years, it was of great comfort to know the community knew and appreciated the truly wonderful person that Kit was. Thank you to everyone who created such a wonderful memorial service.

The Parks, Open Space and Recreational Services Department went above and beyond to handle so many of the big and small logistics related to the service. The City of Steamboat Springs was very generous and provided rooms at Steamboat Resorts for the many out-of-town guests who were able to come for Kit’s service. It also was amazing to see when we walked out of the service that even the local restaurants had contributed to this event by providing wonderful food and drinks for all of us.

The people of Steamboat Springs were so welcoming to those of us from out of town, and we are grateful for your hospitality. I know Kit would want to ensure that Laura and Ian are cared for in the days, months and years ahead. I am comforted to know that this wonderful community of Steamboat Springs will continue to support them during these difficult times.

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Once again, thanks to the many local businesses, family, co-workers, college friends, bosses, fellow athletes, friends, “babes” and “sweeties” of Kit Rice, who honored her in such a special way.

Marie and John Josephitis

Lake Bluff, Ill.