Maria Schaible: Plastic pollution |

Maria Schaible: Plastic pollution

When I learned earlier this year that Steamboat Springs had banned plastic bags in our grocery stores, I was elated. I had, after all, moved to Steamboat seven years ago for its residents’ inclination toward outdoor activities and environmentally conscious mindsets. Steamboat understands that plastics we use for only a few minutes should not be allowed to pollute our environment for centuries.

Unfortunately, not all of Colorado is taking the action necessary to keep our wildlife safe and to keep our rivers clean. Colorado is a pretty major plastic polluting state — in fact, we throw away one million foam containers every day here. 

This is why I am supporting an upcoming bill to pass a statewide ban on polystyrene foam cups and containers — also known as Styrofoam. Unfortunately, the chemical industry has strongly opposed bans like this in the past, which is why it is important for Colorado residents to make their voices heard and convince our legislators to do the right thing for Colorado. 

I hope each and every one of you join me in supporting this statewide ban on polystyrene cups and containers. Let’s do everything we can to keep Colorado beautiful.


Maria Schaible

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