Luke Graham: Let’s not call these the worst games ever |

Luke Graham: Let’s not call these the worst games ever

Luke Graham

— From all accounts and messages I've received and seen on social media, the 2014 Winter Games are the worst Olympics ever.

From my vantage point, they’re not.

I sat in a press conference Thursday with the U.S. men's Alpine team. Every question was directed at Bode Miller or to his teammates asking about Bode Miller.

Miller has long been one of my favorite athletes. He's well spoken, candid and answers every question (even if it looks like he's getting jabbed with a hot poker stick while doing so).

During Thursday’s press event, one of the reporters asked Miller a question about the athletes’ accommodations.

Miller said they were fine and that of the five Olympics he's been to, it always seems like there is a mad rush to get things done. He said Sochi was no different than Salt Lake City, Utah, Torino or Vancouver.

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Yes, we've all heard the horror stories while here and viewed the photos of incomplete hotel rooms online. The hashtag #sochiproblems has taken over.

Yes, our hotel lights didn't work the first night. Yes, it took us forever to check in. Yes, our water has a Mellow Yellow tint.

But it's not the end of the world.

Before declaring these games the worst, let's say we all let them begin.

It seems common place for the media and the public to immediately “hate” on the host city of the Olympics.

Four years ago, this was the narrative in Vancouver. The city spent too much. It was grossly underprepared. The transit system for the media was the worst in history.

Then the first Olympics event happened, and the narrative shifted. It became about Canadian pride and the welcoming nature of Canadian people.

So far, the people from Russia I’ve met have been nothing short of fantastic.

So, let the games begin before passing judgment. Could this end up being the worst Olympics in history? Possibly, but we don't know now.

Watch the narrative shift. Things will get better, we just have to have patience.

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