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Looking back: Three dead after Oak Creek man goes on shooting binge

Three men are dead, one by his own hand, in the wake of a wild shooting spree Monday night in an Oak Creek bar and pool hall.

Dead are George Kourkounis, 63, and Robert Jurknovich, 64. Inflicting death by his own hand was Frank Gabossi Sr., 63.

According to the Routt County Sheriff’s report, at about 8 p.m. Feb. 24, Frank Gabossi Sr. entered Pete Callas’ pool hall in Oak Creek. He was carrying a 30-06 rifle and announced that he was going to kill everyone in the pool hall. The men gathered at the table began to scatter, and Gabossi shot and killed Kourkounis and Jurknovich. He also shot and wounded Eugene Zamudio who was taken to Oak Creek hospital and is now said to be in satisfactory condition.

After the shooting, Gabossi is said to have returned to his home in Oak Creek where he called his wife, who was working at the Oak Creek hospital. While talking to her on the phone, Gabossi killed himself with the rifle.

A retired miner who was born in Italy in 1895, Gabossi is survived by his wife, six sons, four daughters and a brother who is in Italy.

Robert Jurknovich, also a miner, was born in Austria in 1894. He is survived by his wife, two daughters and two sisters now living in Europe.

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Born in Greece in 1895, George Kourkounis is survived by six sisters who are still living in Greece.

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