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Looking Back: Tax bill set at more than $900K

Brent Boyer

— 50 Years Ago

From the Dec. 27, 1956, Steamboat Pilot:

Routt County’s tax bill on real and personal property in 1957 will be $911,627.62.

The abstract of assessment on real and personal property compiled by County Assessor James Clifton shows the levies and valuations and the amounts that will be raised for various state, town, county and school purposes if there is a 100 percent tax collection.

The assessed valuation of real and personal property for tax purposes is $21,802,110.

Of the amount of taxes collected, slightly more than half will go for school purposes. The compilation shows that school taxes will be $472,392.21, and the total tax for all state, county, town and special district taxes will be $437,830.75.

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The assessor has listed 831 tractors, 159 combines in the county. There are 1,618 radios, 1,450 washing machines and 1,640 electric refrigerators listed. When the assessment was made last year, there were only 44 television sets.

Children see Santa

Santa Claus made his annual visit to Steamboat on Christmas Eve and again accompanied the beautiful Roaming Christmas Tree through town.

His visit this year was made possible by the Steamboat Lions Club that took over the huge task from Walter Webber. But the Roaming Tree originated by Mr. Webber was again in use, and yuletide music pealed from it as it called on the children. More than 600 treats were distributed with Dan Telk and George Orrell performing Santa’s duties. Bill Carey again chauffeured the sound truck and all of the children had seen Santa by 10 p.m.

He was assisted on his visits to the Brooklyn and Fairview additions by Jim Dodson and Frank Harrison, who drove a horse-drawn sled.

The Roaming Tree had more than 900 colored bulbs. Lions who decorated the tree were Glenn Stukey, Leo Fick, President R.H. Gleason, Bob Gardner, Ross Covington, Mr. Webber, Art Roberts, Bill Carey, Howard Root, George Allen and George Sauer.