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Looking Back: Gravel surface of Rabbit Ears Pass completed

75 years ago – From the Friday, Oct. 19, 1934, edition of The Steamboat Pilot:

The gravel surfacing of Rabbit Ears Pass was completed Saturday by N.H. Honnen, the contractor. Lee Ryan was boss of the job. Twenty trucks were busy hauling gravel from this end. During the summer, a camp was maintained near the top of the pass.

The graveling was started June 10, covering a distance of 21 miles, the entire surface of the pass from the east to the west end. A total of 60,000 tons of gravel was spread on the road.

Rapid work on the completion of the septic tank

The work of the construction of the septic tank for the town of Steamboat Springs is about half completed. The entire job will cost about $9,000. A 15-inch pipeline has been laid. The basin for the concrete tank has been dug out, and the forms are being set. Steel posts are being placed. Concrete pouring started Wednesday of this week.

The cement structure will be 12 feet deep, 22 feet wide and 60 feet long.

Useless slaughter of wild animals featured

The senseless slaughter of predatory animals in the western Colorado stock ranges is severely censured in a recent issue of “Our Dumb Animals,” official organ of the American Humane Education Society.

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A government trapper was given permission to trap coyotes in a certain area. He far exceeded his territory and succeeded in almost exterminating the coyotes with the result that the next year the region was overrun by jackrabbits, prairie dogs and field mice, the natural food for coyotes. Without the coyote check, the rodents multiplied in unbelievable numbers, doing damage to grain and gardens far in excess of any loss suffered by stockmen.

Better health in county is object of new campaign

A better health campaign will be carried on in every school in Routt County through the relief and the home demonstration offices. Every school that wants this service may have it for the asking. The object is to decrease the number of underweight children by adding milk and cod liver oil to their regular diets. The milk and oil will be furnished by relief funds in cases where patients cannot afford to purchase it.

All children will be weighed and measured, and those found to be underweight will be given special attention. A record of the weights will be kept for each month. A similar program carried out in eight schools of the county last spring through the relief office gave very satisfactory results. Of the 107 children who were found to be underweight, 13 lost, 25 remained the same, and 69 had gained weight after two months. This time, however, was not long enough to show permanent results.

The use of cod liver oil and milk in the diet does not necessarily indicate that there will be a gain in weight to the extent that the individual will be up to normal. However, it does build up the resistance of the body to colds and other ailments and in this way tends to be a better condition generally.

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