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Looking back for Oct. 4, 1934

From the Friday, Oct. 4, 1934, edition of The Steamboat Pilot:

The usefulness of the Steamboat Springs Public Library is to be extended to various parts of Routt County through the means of a circulating library. Mrs. Pearl Colley, the librarian, has formulated a system whereby a package of 50 books may be secured by a responsible person in a community for distribution to readers in that vicinity. Application for a set must be made to Mrs. Colley, and the package will be delivered.

Under present arrangements, it is possible that a set may be retained in one section for a period of three months. The books in each parcel are selected by the librarian. Books specially requested are not included in the circulating package.

The person asking for the parcel will be responsible for the return of the books in good condition. There will be books for adults only in the selection, and no children’s books. They will be standard literature and good reading for anyone interested in books.

Esther Elliott’s useful hints for the month of October

Miss Esther Elliott always gives members of the home demonstration club an announcement of the forthcoming monthly useful hints. In her October letter, she had the following:

– Peel onions from the root upward: the juice will not fly into your eyes. Then rinse hands in salt water to remove the odor.

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– Make flavorings by saving the rinds from oranges, lemons and grapefruit. Grate and put in paper sack to dry. Then pack in airtight jars and have delicious flavorings for desserts and puddings.

– To keep cheese fresh, moist and free from mold, wrap it in cheesecloth that has been dipped in vinegar and wring dry. With this precaution, cheese will keep fresh for weeks.

Public invited to Steamboat hospital benefit program

The Steamboat Springs Hospital Association is preparing a big program for the benefit of the hospital, an institution of great value to the community. Steamboat Springs cannot afford to be without the hospital, yet it cannot be maintained without the cooperation and the people of the community that it serves.

It is needless to say that it does not meet the expense of operation. There is always a deficit at the end of the year in the cost of maintenance, which must be met in some way. It is the aim of the association to help in a financial way to meet this deficit. To this end, the support of the public is invited.

The hospital benefit program will include an unusually attractive moving picture, new reel and Mickey Mouse comic, and a dance at the Chieftain Ballroom.