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Looking back for Oct. 2, 1958

Vast new ski area progressing

— After three months of carefully supervised work, 4 miles of ski runs have been cleared for the first portion of the mighty Storm Mountain ski development, which is expected to become the top ski area in the nation.

Officials of Storm Mountain expect to start construction of their first modern double chairlift in May, opening the 1,100 vertical feet of the initial ski area to visiting tourists who want a breathtaking view of the Yampa Valley by July 1959.

Jim Temple, Storm Mountain president, said the area will be open to the public this winter for test runs down the many ski trails. Buddy Werner, one of the world’s greatest skiers, has been here through the summer to give his advice and suggestions gathered from his wide experience as an Olympic skier.

Buddy hopes to bring in some international skiers for a practice meet on the “Bear Claw” ski area this winter.

“The area cleared on this initial run is 20 times the area of Howelsen Hill,” Temple remarked. The hill features a 1,000-foot wide beginner’s hill – bigger than Winter Park’s, Temple said, and the largest in the state.

“We will offer a ski package costing one-half the cost to ski in Aspen – if the rates in town remain the same,” the Storm Mountain president commented. He estimated that seven-eighths of the money brought into town by the new industry will be distributed to other businesses in the area.

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As great as the potential of the Storm Mountain area itself is the presence of the town of Steamboat Springs, with its ample facilities for accommodating skiers. During the relatively slow winter season, there are many hotels, motels and eating establishments ready to serve more customers.

“We intend to attract the vast quantity of pleasure skiers, including all the families who could not afford the tremendous expense now prevalent in other ski areas,” Temple said.

Two robbers caught outside local store

Night Marshal Marvel Cary caught two Navy youths crouched behind their car outside the Model Shoe Shop about 2 a.m. with a cache of guns, shells and hunting knives.

The night marshal found the bathroom window of the shop had been broken in, and some more guns, four pairs of skis, ski boots and miscellaneous sporting goods were lined up for the taking.

The two men, brothers from Ohio, were turned over to the Sheriff’s Office and will be charged with breaking and entering and grand larceny.

Cary said the youths surrendered meekly. “A good thing they did,” he commented. “They had four loaded guns in their belts when I approached them.” Louis Klumker, manager of the VFW club, was at the scene and assisted in the arrest.

Second stretch of Rabbit Ears is well under way

Work on the second stretch of the massive Rabbit Ears Pass project starts from the top down as some 200 Amis Construction workers race against time and the weather to complete the ultra-modern highway.

The road now is open to Valley View Lodge. It is a wide, three-lane road. The curves are gradual – the highway is engineered to allow a 50 mile-per-hour speed all the way. There are plenty of picture stops for travelers where they can look down on the beautiful Yampa Valley.

Heavy construction work, including daily blasting, and the roll of big equipment will keep the pass closed until its completion. It is hoped the second stretch, about five miles long, will be completed by fall ’59.