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Looking Back for June 26, 1958

Coordination between civic groups, Chamber sought

— 50 years ago

From the Thursday, June 26, 1958, edition of The Steamboat Pilot:

Chamber of Commerce Manager Bob Smith asked for coordination between civic groups – the Town Board and Planning Committee, the Winter Sports Club, the Bathhouse Association and the Chamber – at a meeting held in Hahn’s Peak on Tuesday night.

“This area needs selling,” the manager said. “With 60 or more clubs meeting one to four times a month and the Chamber often uninformed of what many of these clubs are doing, there is improper entertainment planning.”

Hotel owner Ralph Hinkson said he would quit his efforts to gain financing for the proposed $60,000 improvement of Howelsen Hill for the 1959 pre-Olympic jumping and combined trials. He said the failure of the Winter Sports Club to keep him informed prompted his decision.

Jim Temple, a member of the Winter Sports Club, said the club would hold the event with $5,000 in temporary repairs on the hill, but would still work toward a permanent repair if at all possible. Ski Club President Donald (Pete) Wither and member John Fetcher concurred in Temple’s statement.

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Wither said he would like to see a mill levy in town for recreational purposes. Discussion on whether a mill levy or a city tax would be feasible followed, with little agreement on either possibility.

Lions Club President Bill Carey made a point when he said one of the many things wrong was the failure of employees to know what was going on in town. Thus, when tourists asked questions such as, “Where is the Chamber Commerce?” the answer would often be, “I don’t know.”

Carey advised employers to take the responsibility of informing their help about the many activities going on in town.

Some 31 members of various civic groups from Steamboat attended the three-hour dinner and business meeting presided over by Del Scott, Chamber of Commerce president.

Scott, who has recently visited several chambers on the Western Slope, addressed Gunnison as an example of a town with similar things to offer as Steamboat, and as a town with better coordination between its groups and its chamber.

Whiteman Ranch set for another big season

The internationally famous Lowell Whiteman Ranch, at its beautiful location three miles north of Steamboat Springs, will add morning school sessions to its program for this summer.

Almost half of the boys enrolled in the western camp will also take advantage of the academic curriculum, which will offer English, social studies, math, sciences and languages, taught by a versatile group of top instructors.

These boys, ages 12 to 18, will have the unique opportunity to combine college preparatory education with Western ranch camping at its best. Classes in the Whiteman-Gaylord school will be held Monday through Friday. Then these boys will participate in the many other activities of the great outdoors along with the Lowell Whiteman ranch campers.

New accommodations at the location are now being added to provide additional classroom and dormitory space. A building is in the finishing stages of complete modernization and will house at least 20 boys. More than 50 youths can now find comfortable housing in the Western style.