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Looking Back for Feb. 1, 1935

From the Friday, Feb. 1, 1935, edition of The Steamboat Pilot:

Sales tax is certain to be enacted soon

You're gonna pay a sales tax, folks.

Every time you spend more than a nickel, you are going to kick in to help finance relief in Colorado. As this is written, no specific sales tax measure has been presented for consideration by the state Legislature, but everyone around the capitol building is convinced that one will be on the statute books within the next few days. Decks will be cleared for fast action when the bill makes its appearance.

There are two reasons for predicting so confidently that a tax on sales will be enacted. One is that it is the only revenue raising measure that will produce immediate funds to take care of relief. And the legislators are convinced, after hearing Robert W. Kelso, Washington's top man in the Colorado relief setup, that the federal administration is not bluffing when it says, "no more relief money in Colorado unless Colorado does its part." A second reason is that the majority of the senators and representatives are really believers in the theory of the general sales tax — though few of them will admit it.

A joint committee of three senators and three representatives met with Gov. Johnson last week and discussed a number of proposals for financing the relief. The committee, which is pretty generally representative of the entire assembly, unanimously recommended a 2 percent sales tax. It is likely to be modeled after the Illinois law and will be so drawn that the tax cannot be absorbed by the dealer but must be passed on to the consumer.

New records may be made at coming Winter Carnival

Will Peder Falstad exceed his jumping record of 212 feet on Howelsen Hill at the 22nd annual ski tournament in Steamboat Springs on Feb. 16 and 17? Or will this honor go to one of the many skilled riders of Steamboat Springs or the boys riding for other clubs who have had their training in Steamboat?

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Howelsen Hill is in better condition for ski jumping than at any time in its history. The takeoff has been placed farther up the slope, giving the riders added speed and momentum after they leave the jump. Snow conditions now are good, and there is a certainty that there will be more snowfall during February.

The committee on street events is eager to have a large number of entries in every event.

The merchants of Steam­boat, as usual, have been generous in their donations for putting over the big celebration. The officials of the club are giving a great deal of their time and effort to the promotion of the carnival, which has become eagerly anticipated by people in Steamboat Springs and of the entire region. Now that the highways and the county roads are kept open for traffic, a record crowd is expected this season.