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Looking back: Farmers urged to give data to census takers

Pilot & Today Staff

The farm census enumerators for Routt County did not get started out on their project as early as in other parts of the state because they did not receive their appointments in time. Most of the counties will complete the work the last week in January and are expected to be in Washington in February.

Owing to the late start of the local enumerators and the fact that their territory is difficult to traverse in the wintertime, R.C. Creswell, of Fort Collins, supervisor for District No. 1, has extended the time for this section.

Because of the effect of the drought and economic conditions, this census is perhaps the most important agricultural census ever taken. The data this secured will be used in planning and carrying out crop and livestock, farm credit, subsistence homestead, marginal land and other programs. Data secured in past censuses have been used as a basis for allotments in the present program of the agricultural adjustment administration. Changes in the number of and shifts in livestock have been enormous during the past two years because of the drought and the operation of the drought relief services.

The cooperation of farmers is necessary to the success of the census. New facts relative to agriculture will be available to economists and others interested in the important industry of agriculture as a result of the new farm census. The information will be of value not only to those who wish to get a statistical picture of the change and readjustment in agriculture, but also to those who are engaged in the planning and execution of programs for the improvement of agriculture and rural life.

Water needs of Western Slope to be fully protected

The Western Protective Association hails as a victory the recent agreement that makes possible allocation of $150,000 in PWA funds for a survey of the proposed Grand Lake water diversion project.

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Under the terms of the agreement, the water rights of the Western Slope have been at last officially recognized by the Eastern Colorado diversionists and also by officials in Washington.

Congressman Taylor conferred with Secretary of the Interior Ickes and others concerning application for the $150,000 to make preliminary survey, investigations and estimates on practicability of the proposed Grand Lake water diversion project to fully cover acquirement of the Western Slope rights, including the amount of water that can be diverted without injury to Western Slope interests.

The plan also includes future development of the Western Slope and needs for protection in the way of reservoirs or sufficient capacity.

Routt County receives funds from US Treasury

Routt County will receive from the United States Treasury a sum of $3,994.28, as its proportionate share of the income of the national forests for the fiscal year 1934. The direct payment to the counties represents 25 percent of the gross receipts of the various national forests within the state. There are 42 counties in Colorado, which are partially or wholly within national forests.

Land owned by the government is not subject to state or local taxes, and this payment to the counties is in lieu of taxation.