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Lonn Clementson: Please consider ‘yes’ on 4A

Nobody owes me anything. I feel blessed to have been raised in this valley.  After my K-12 education in Steamboat Springs, undergraduate degree at Colorado College in Colorado Springs and working as a carpenter in Steamboat for nine years, I chose to earn my teaching certificate.

I chose to become a teacher, a football coach and a track and field coach. I am blessed and grateful to spend my days with your sons and daughters sharing my passion through teaching, as I have no children of my own. In the current environment, my last resort to stay and teach in this valley I love is to continually refinance my home. 4A could help me and my hardworking colleagues to stay in this wonderful community, even if refinancing remains inevitable.

I am currently on schedule to pay off my school loans at 57. I am on schedule to pay off my mortgage at 80. I hope to complete these obligations here in Steamboat. I also hope to be able to choose to teach in Steamboat Springs.

As a fellow Steamboat citizen, I will respect your vote whether you vote “yes” or “no” on 4A. Nobody owes me anything, but I hope you will consider voting “yes” on 4A.

Thank you,

Lonn Clementson

Steamboat Springs

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