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Loita Mauer: End local fluoridation

Fluoridation of public water supplies began with good intentions, but, as with many government-mandated programs, it has become entrenched and extremely difficult to stop, even in the face of overwhelming evidence of widespread harm.

Busy professionals unwittingly pass on misinformation provided by entities with vested financial and other interests to perpetuate this really bad practice. Adding fluoride to drinking water has never been shown to stop tooth decay in any controlled study but can cause white spots on the teeth, indicating fluorosis (fluoride poisoning). Because fluoride is an endocrine disruptor, it, among other things, displaces iodine in metabolic processes, resulting in a myriad of iodine deficiency disorders, including every kind of thyroid disorder, obesity, bone and breast cancer, lowered IQ, etc.

Information about this form of mass medication is readily available on the Fluoride Action Network/50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation with extensive documentation. People who want fluoride in their drinking water can get drops to put in their own water, thereby controlling the dosage, or can have fluoride applied directly to their teeth.

Anyone who does not like the government deciding what medicine we should take would do well to become informed on this issue. Then vote yes on 2F to end fluoridation in Hayden. This will also be a vote to save the thousands of dollars it costs to put this toxic chemical in our water.

Loita Mauer


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