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Locals fill Junior Nationals jumping, combined teams

— In all, 14 Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club skiers fought through a pair of qualifying events to earn their spots at next month’s Junior National Championships Nordic combined and ski jumping event in Chicago.

That list includes Logan Sankey, Esther DelliQuadri, Koby Vargas, Elijah Vargas, Decker Dean, Brenden Andrews, Nolan Sankey, Bennett Gamber, Hana Schrock, Canden Wilkinson, Erik Belshaw, Niklas Malacinski, Gunnar Gilbertson and Annika Belshaw.

The first of those qualifying events came last month in Steamboat. The second was last weekend in Park City, Utah.

There, Steamboat Springs athletes racked up the big results they needed to get under the nationals line.

The club had 39 top-three finishes in a series of special jumping competitions and one Nordic combined event. Steamboat took all three spots on the podium five different times.

In Nordic combined that included U10 boys, with Owen Wither, Koen Stroock and Sawyer Graves finishing first through third, and the U12 boys, with Wyatt Graves, Jason Colby and Nick Hammer placing in the top three.

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In special jumping, the U10 boys again pulled off the sweep as Stroock won on the HS15 hill, Sawyer Graves placed second and Wither third.

The U12 boys also went 1-2-3, with Sawyer Graves winning in the HS20 hill, Charlie Reisman placing second and Wither third.

Finally, the U14 boys pulled off the feat when Niklas Malacinski won on the HS42 jump, ahead of second-place Gunnar Gilbertson and third-place Erik Belshaw.

Other podium finishers included Aspen Manke, first in the U12 girls Nordic combined division, Tess Arnone first and Alexa Brabec second among the U14 girls, Reed Sias second in U14 boys, Annika Belshaw first in U16 girls, Malacinski first and Canden Wilkenson second in U16 boys, Esther DelliQuadri first in U18 women, Elijah Vargas 
second and Decker Dean third in U18 men and Koby Vargas second in U20 men. 

Belshaw was second and Hana Schrock third in special jumping for the U16 girls on the HS68 jump. Malacinski was first and Gilbertson third for the U16 boys, DelliQuadri second in U18 women, Dean first and Elijah Vargas third in U18 men. Logan Sankey was first in U20 women and Koby Vargas first in U20 men.

On the smaller hills, Eva Minotto was first off the HS15 for the U10 girls. Haley Brabec was second. Manke was first for the U12 girls of the HS20 while Alexa Brabec second and Arnone third off the HS42 for the U14 girls.

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Junior Nationals qualifier results

Nordic combined:

U12 girls

2 Aspen Manke +0:08

U12 boys

1 Wyatt Graves

2 Jason Colby +:0.19

3 Nick Hammer +1:41

U10 boys

1 Owen Wither

2 Koen Stroock +0:02

3 Sawyer Graves +0:48

U14 girls

1 Tess Arnone

2 Alexa Brabec, +0:50

4 Tinsley Wilkinson +5:00

5 Ella Stroock, +6:03

U14 Boys

2 Reid Sias +7:35

U16 girls

1 Annika Belshaw

U16 boys

1 Niklas Malacinski

2 Canden Wilkenson +0:26

4 Erik Belshaw +0:50

6 Gunnar Gilbertson +1:09

U18 girls

1 Esther Delliquadri

U18 boys

2 Elijah Vargas +1:22

3 Decker Dean +1:25

U20 boys

2 Koby Vargas +0:35

Special jumping, HS68

U16 girls

2 Annika Belshaw, 148.7

3 Hana Schrock, 142.3

6 Alexa Brabec, 78.2

7 Tess Arnone, 60.1

U16 boys

1 Niklas Malacinski, 170.8

3 Gunnar Gilbertson, 142.2

4 Erik Belshaw, 138.8

6 Canden Wilkenson, 127.4

U18 girls

2 Esther DelliQuadri, 89.7

U18 boys

1 Decker Dean, 213.4

3 Elijah Vargas, 186.3

4 Nolan Sankey, 138.3

U20 girls

1 Logan Sankey, 151.7

U20 boys

1 Koby Vargas, 218.5

Special jumping, HS15

U10 girls

1 Eva Minotto, 212.4

2 Haley Brabec, 206.7

U10 boys

1 Koen Stroock, 249.3

2 Sawyer Graves, 244.8

3 Owen Wither, 244.2

U12 girls, HS20

1 Aspen Manke, 172.8

5 Haley Brabec, 115.0

6 Eva Minotto, 111.2

U12 boys, HS20

1 Sawyer Graves, 185.1

2 Charlie Reisman, 183.1

3 Owen Wither, 179.6

4 Jason Colby, 174.0

5 Koen Stroock, 173.8

6 Wyatt Graves, 171.2

7 Nick Hammer, 169.8

U14 girls, HS42

2 Alexa Brabec, 131.9

3 Tess Arnone, 130.3

7 Ella Stroock, 58.7

8 Tinsley Wilkinson, 52.3

U14 boys, HS42

1 Niklas Malacinski, 182.8

2 Gunnar Gilbertson, 177.7

3 Erik Belshaw, 172.7

6 Charlie Reisman, 123.1

7 Wyatt Graves, 117.3

9 Jason Colby, 87.1

10 Reid Sias, 71.0

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