Lisel Petis: Please stay involved |

Lisel Petis: Please stay involved

It has been a busy week for Steamboat Springs City Council, discussing many issues such as a ban on plastic bags and, probably the most contentious issue, a mill levy to fund fire/EMS.

As council members, we received a lot of emails and phone calls from engaged community members and had a packed house at Centennial Hall for two nights in a row. It was clear that not everyone saw eye to eye on these issues, but it was inspiring to see everyone’s passion for the issues and to see many individuals taking the time to get involved in the outcome of their community.

I know that keeping up with what is going on at the city takes time, and I really appreciate the insightful comments, the thought-provoking questions and the continued engagement from the community. Whether you were excited or disappointed by the decisions City Council made last night, I want to let you know that your voices were heard, and I hope you stay engaged in the process.

Even if we are not always able to respond to every person’s email or public comment, please know that we hear you. If the final vote from City Council was not what you were hoping for, please do not let it discourage you from continuing to stay involved. If the final vote was exactly what you were hoping for, please know that the hard work is not over yet.

Please keep reaching out and keep the dialogue going. The more engaged the community is, the better decisions we make as a council. 

Lisel Petis

Steamboat Springs

(Although I am a member of City Council, my opinions are my own and may not reflect those of my fellow members.)  

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