Lisa Williams: Parking should be part of project planning |

Lisa Williams: Parking should be part of project planning

As a lifetime member of the Old Town Hot Springs, I read the article in the July 16 Steamboat Pilot newspaper with great interest, only to have my feelings turn to disappointment and despair. Am I the only one who noticed the obvious omission in the story about the expansion?

Where is the additional parking that is desperately needed? As one who uses the facility roughly five times a week, there are many days that I have not been able to find just one open spot in any of the three parking areas offered when I arrive for a class. It makes me terribly sad to know that it seems none of my membership fees will be used to ease parking issues most of us face very day at the Hot Springs.

On the heels of the ongoing discussion about tourism, congestion and overcrowding, when is the problem of parking and access going to be addressed if we continue to entice more people to come use our town, our parks, our pools and athletic fields?

I live well outside the city limits on the west side and cannot always use the wonderful bus system the city provides, nor am I physically capable of riding a bike the distances involved. I try to be prudent about my gas usage and often park down by the Depot Arts Center and walk to the bank, the post office, and yes, sometimes, the pool.

I am not always able to carry everything that I need or that I purchase back and forth to my car. But I am careful. I always make a conscious and concerted effort to approach my daily errands and workouts in an environmentally respectful manner.

I don't think that it is too much to ask when existing businesses expand or new buildings are proposed, where is the additional parking is going to be?

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It might be considered by many as a minor piece of the whole Steamboat experience, but I feel that adequate parking is essential to making or breaking the ability to access businesses and to be able to enjoy the places that we all would like to use, and many us actually call home.

Lisa Williams

Steamboat Springs

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