Lisa Nutkin: Dog battle is ‘frivolous waste of legal system time’ |

Lisa Nutkin: Dog battle is ‘frivolous waste of legal system time’

I am writing in response to Attorney Emily Kelley’s quote in Tuesday’s article about the legal battle over a dog. She stated that “It was a devastating day in Dog Town U.S.A.” Really?

What is so devastating about a caring owner trying to get back the rightful ownership of his pet? No animals have died, and no one has been physically harmed in this frivolous waste of legal system time, which is what I find devastating.

As a staunch canine lover (12 dogs in my lifetime so far), I believe strongly in doing the right thing for my four-legged children. By this I mean having my animals micro-chipped ever since the technology has been available.

By doing this, I am reassured that if my dog ever does get lost or killed (and dogs do run away when stressed by thunder or fireworks, etc., or when chasing other animals), my chances of having them returned or notified of their demise is greatly increased. I would think that Michael Gehrke felt this same way when he initially chipped Sitka, with the hopes of having her forever.

As a dog lover, if I did find a stray dog that I contemplated adopting, which has actually happened to me, I would first and foremost visit my vet for a full exam and scan for chip to identify the animal and its possible owner. I also assume that most dog owners probably love their pets as much as I do and would be just as upset if that member of the family ever went missing.

I do feel for Ashlee Anderson, who had to return someone else’s beloved pet. I think she did a wonderful thing for taking such good care of Sitka and treating the dog as her own. I think that since she has such a big heart and such abundant time to care for an animal in need, she should visit our local Humane Society animal shelter and adopt a pet that truly needs love and a wonderful home. No broken hearts and no lawyers needed.

As for Ms. Kelley, I wish she would be as passionate about doing the right thing when it comes to the bigger legal issues that face our Dog Town U.S.A. like corporate and legal corruption, extortion and murder, just to name a few.

As for Dog Town U.S.A., I feel that we have earned that name because we have an abundance of true dog lovers and people who do the right thing when it comes to their pets. Let’s not let this ridiculous legal battle — “12 round boxing match” per Ms. Kelley — over who would be the “best” owner for Sitka grace our local headlines any more. There are plenty of needy dogs to go around.

Lisa Nutkin

Steamboat Springs

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