Linda May Morrison: Keep showing up |

Linda May Morrison: Keep showing up

The world is run by those who show up.

The Women's March on Steamboat was a resounding success. It is estimated that the crowd exceeded 1,000 — children, teens, young adults, mature people, people on walkers and in wheel chairs, people of different cultures — each one showing respect and support for the values we believe in: diversity, inclusiveness, human rights, equal rights, reproductive rights, women's rights, social justice and more.

The question of "what's next?" kept surfacing. There is no absolute answer, but there are lots of ways to continue the momentum:

• Be sure your relatives and friends are registered to vote (

• Follow your passions — get involved; stay involved.

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• Support women's rights, the environment, education, health.

• Run for public office.

• Participate in the election process.

One way to test your commitment is to look at your checkbook. Did you financially support the things you say believe in? If not, then write that check – every passion needs financial support.

There are lots of ways to "show up." Do your part. Even by reaching out to those whose opinions different from yours. Try and find common ground. It's better to build bridges than walls.

Thank you, again, Steamboat, for your energy, engagement and support. And remember, "the world is run by those who show up."

P.S. Don't forget to thank and support the businesses that helped sponsor the march … Aces High, Azteca, Brooklyn's, Off the Beaten Path, Space Station, Beau Jo's and Déjà Vu. A huge thank you to the Steamboat Police Department. And thanks to the Colorado Democratic Party, which provided the insurance.

Linda May Morrison

Steamboat Springs